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Alimac Deutschland GmbH
Am Busskolk, 9
46395 Bocholt
Phone +49-(0)2871-238120
Fax +49-(0)2871-2381220

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Welcome in ALIMAC Deutschland

Alimac Deutschland, founded in 2005 when Alimac Italy joined forces with a group of professionals in Germany, draws upon years of mutual experience professionals in Germany joined in the pre-laminated handle market and printing sector.

The successful collaboration has made Alimac Deutschland a leader in the marketing of adhesive handles.
Innovative and personalized solutions for companies in various sectors (e.g. beverages, foodstuffs, hygienic articles) are offered with particular attention to relevant trends in the market.

The innate flexibility, care and quality, together with continuous research and development have made it possible for the company to carry out new projects successfully.

The experience gained by the parent company over 15 years is a guarantee for success and professionalism and has made it the leader in the industrial packaging sector.

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