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C105 S

C105 S Thanks to its technical features the tape C105 S is the perfect solution for obtaining adhesive handles to carry heavy packages It shows high adhesion on thermoretraible PE film, special mechanical resistance and inertness to oxidizing agents.


Backing type: MOPP
Thickness: 50 µm
Total thickness: 70 µm
Adhesion on steel: 10 N/25 mm
Adhesion on PE: 5 N/25 mm
Tensile strength: 350 N/25 mm
Elongation: 30%
Available colours: TransparentTransparent


External diameter
Pallet weight
Pallet dimensions
Rolls/box Boxes/pallet Core
Core height
25 660 280 730 80x120x150 12 48 3 25 Not spooled
25 5000 330 490 80x120x190 1 48 6 180 Spooled
25 6000 360 540 80x120x190 1 48 6 180 Spooled
25 6500 370 590 80x120x190 1 48 6 180 Spooled
25 10000 380 490 80x120x190 1 24 6 240 Spooled

* Other sizes available upon request


Temperature: 10-40C
Humidity: 20-80%

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